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Business leaders! TeachersOur free, self-directed classroom visit resources make it fun to share personal insights and career highlights with K-8 students. Reach out to one another today! Let's inform and inspire Alaska's future decision makers

Creating Community

Meet a Local Leader

Sharing Career Stories

What does it look like where you live? Coloring Page @ AlaskanOwned.com

Guest Speakers & Teachers: Complete this Feedback Form after your classroom visit. Once a quarter, we draw names to send gifts to teachers and students.

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Show Us Your Community!


Draw in details for: the place you live; your culture or heritage; an activity you enjoy, or any combination of the above.

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Moose Student Activity
Bear Student Activity
Fox Student Activity

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Show Us Your Community!

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Tell Me Something I Don't Know!

6-8th grade online activity
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Read: 6-8th Talking Tips.


Alaskan Basics A - Z

Alaskan Basics Word Search Puzzles A-Z @ AlaskanOwned.com

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Animal Names in Iñupiaq

Animal Names in Iñupiaq Word Search

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Find These Alaska Native Languages

Alaska Native Languages Word Search

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