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Welcome, local leaders! Are you ready to share your career story with young Alaskans? Choose a Talking Tips guide then contact a teacher today—inform and inspire Alaska's future decision makers! We're making it simple, seamless, and fun for everyone.

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  • Drawing & Coloring

  • Word Search Puzzles

  • Community Clues

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What does it look like where you live? Coloring Page @ AlaskanOwned.com

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What does it look like where you live?


Print: K-2

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Print: all ages

Alaskan Basics Word Search Puzzles A-Z @ AlaskanOwned.com

Print: 3rd-5th

Community Clues for 6-8th graders

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Click on our Community page. Move into small groups. Assign each group a set of links. Spend 5 minutes learning something new. Nominate a speaker to share with the rest of the class.