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Classroom Visits

Educatorsbusiness, and community leaders! Use these free tools to connect for a one hour classroom visitBrowse the Talking Tips and activities below, share our FLYER, and reach out to a trusted someone today.

What does it look like where you live? Coloring Page @
Feedback Form

Teachers & Guest Speakers: We'd love to hear your thoughts after the classroom visit. Once a quarter, we draw names to send gifts to students and teachers.

Message received. Thank you for investing in Alaska's future decision makers!

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Book Buddies

Be a Book Buddy!
Pre + Kindergarten Talking Tips

Schools receive free books (Title 1 preference), limited supply. Contact us to express interest.

Click to view an e-version—TBA.

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Coloring page activity

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Drawing & Coloring

What is Community?
1st-2nd Grade Talking Tips

Draw in details for: the place you live; your heritage or culture; or an activity you enjoy.

 Coloring page activity

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Moose Student Activity
Bear Student Activity
Fox Student Activity

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Meet a Local Leader

Meet a Local Leader
3rd-5th Grade  Talking Tips

Show us your community: shops, restaurants, pets, school, etc.

Sample, drawing activity

ALASKAN OWNED apparel Logo @

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Share Your Career Story

Share Your Career Story
6th-8th Grade

 Online or Offline Talking Tips
Community Links 6-8th grade_edited_edite
Word Search Puzzles

Alaskan Basics A - Z

Alaskan Basics Word Search Puzzles A-Z @

Click image to print: 3rd-5th

Animal Names in Iñupiaq

Animal Names in Iñupiaq Word Search

Click image to print: 6th-8th

Find These Alaska Native Languages

Alaska Native Languages Word Search

Click image to print: Teens - Adults 

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