We champion Alaskan Owned business with branded apparel, youth outreach, and a means to give back during twice yearly fundraisers (50% of fundraising proceeds are donated to local scholarships via billing zip code on behalf of the Alaskan business community).

ALASKAN OWNED apparel is a for-profit, social enterprise—meaning we measure success jointly through profit and community impact. Both metrics are equally important! Social entrepreneurs invest heavily in the causes they support. In contrast to a nonprofit, this model offers more flexibility in running a competitive business and reaches a wider audience.


Our Founder grew up in the small coastal town of Valdez, Alaska. She knows that owning and operating a business in the 49th state is not for the faint-hearted. It takes grit, dedication, persistence, and season after season of hard work—often times in harsh conditions.

"Living rural, I always noticed business leaders who stepped-up and found ways to give back. As a result, community awareness and promoting early connections to Alaskan businesses are the foundation for ALASKAN OWNED apparel. When designing our flagship logo—I crafted meaning into each element. ALASKAN is spelled out, center-front, all capital letters. Our state map is placed at the very top. A rugged oval connects us together, and small peaks represent this vast range of individuals who identify as Alaskan—and are a resilient, blended community.

I believe the Alaskan Owned story is an important one. My plan now? To share it with the world!"

Becky Strub