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Designed to Make a Difference

We’re changing how communities see "Alaskan Owned and Operated" by supporting local business through brand awareness and education outreach.


Strengthening our social fabric helps drive positive change—so we’re providing Alaskans with more opportunities to get in gear and connect with community.


Not high fashion—just proactively Alaskan!


Are You Designed to Make a Difference?

Pick up some apparel or check out Classroom Visits where we've designed tools for fun, engaging conversations between local leaders and young Alaskans.

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AK Business Magazine   2021

AK Startup Week

About Us

Mission: To cultivate community between "Alaskan Owned and Operated" businesses, civic organizations, and student populations in cities, boroughs, and villages.


Vision: To strengthen the socio-economic fabric in our state by collectively supporting Alaskan business civic leaders in their communities via brand awareness and education outreach.

ALASKAN OWNED apparel is a for-profit, social enterprise. That means our social impact is as important as our financial footprint.

Our Founder, Becky Strub, grew up in the small coastal town of Valdez, Alaska. She knows that owning and operating a business in the 49th state is not for the faint-hearted. It takes grit, dedication, persistence, and season after season of hard work—often times in harsh conditions.​ Living rural, Becky always noticed business owners who stepped-up and found ways to give back. As a result, community awareness and promoting early connections to local leaders are the foundation for ALASKAN OWNED apparel.

The Alaskan Owned story is an important one. Our plan now? To share it with the world!

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